Welcome to Dawntays Steady. Here you will find some unusual imports. You can download them by just clicking on the picture. A gift is treasured for life.
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Secretary Desk Secretary Computer Built-in-Bookcase Leopard Lounge
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Elephant Glass Table End

Leopard Sofa and monkey throw pillow

NSA SimGradie
Elephant Curl Fern Plant Zebra Skin walling hanging HotDate

Secretary computer and Secretary desk are designed to work together. Keep the computer on the left side of the desk and place any thing you want on the right. I know you will really enjoy this new addition to your Steady.

Bookshelf is a built-in design and you can add a line of them to your wall for that very intelligent Sim.

A special import is the Glass Elephant Table End, Zebra wall hanging and Elephant Curl Fern and no water necessary

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who needs to water when you can spend time playing but still enjoy a little of that good old out doors. And to keep in step we have added a re-creation of the castle sofa and lounge in Leopard skin